Welcome to Tumble Bees Our classes are fun and themed and based around the early
years FUNdamentals of gymnastics.
Action packed with songs and skills matching the themes.
Learn to roll, balance, count, co-ordinate, socialise and so much more.
In addition to toddler gymnastics we also run classes for babies from 8 weeks.
Our goal is to Provide Children learn gross motor skills, social, physical, lingual skills along with basic gymnastic skills and shapes each week. Education is also paramount to our classes teaching things such as numbers, colours, counting etc. Learning Is Fun Through play, children learn about themselves, their environment, people and the world around them. We can run classes in your Nursery, we already run four weekly classes at Bright Horizons within first direct bank.
Tumble Bees Pre-School Gymnastics

Tumble Bees classes are aimed at confident walkers (no lower age limit) under 5 years. We run structured 45 minute classes comprising free play with climbing, swinging, balancing etc. We then break to circle time with fun themed songs, hand apparatus and a new gymnastics skill to learn each week. It’s then back to free play before ending with a cool down using the parachute with a calming song followed by a seated action song and basic gymnastics shapes. Parent/Carer stays with child in class and assists then by hand holding or just encouragement and support.

Toddle Bees Classes

Toddle Bees is a development class for mobile babies aged around 6 months up to confident walkers aged 2 year x months. The 45 minutes is broken down into circle time with fun action songs and hand apparatus. We follow this with a breakout session for the walkers to explore the large apparatus, learn a new gymnastics skill (same as Tumble Bees or a variation of depending on ability). Our younger children or non-walkers are given challenges to help them with their next development stage, e.g. sitting, crawling, walking, climbing etc. The session ends with a lovely cool down using the parachute and bubbles.