Baby Bees (Fun4Baby Classes) **COVID-19 Updated**

Class Overview

A fun music and development class for babies from 8+ weeks to almost confident walking.  Based on British Gymnastics FUN4Baby, it’s a great way to bond with your baby whilst socialising.

There are lots of development stations for very young babies to full climbing and balancing  gymnastics equipment for older babies (they get to try it out without having older children waiting behind them).  We have fun action songs and parachute play and plenty of bubbles and cuddles.

Where and When

Friday: 9:45am-10:30am (term time only) Now on hold due to COVID-19

The Hive, Woodkirk Valley Country Club, Leeds Road, Tingley, WF12 7JL



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Baby Gymnastics

Music and Movement

Enjoy circle time with lots of fun action songs to interact with your baby.  Teach them lingual skills by singing to them and learn fun ways to move the body. There is a rebound station and balance balls, all good fun for sensory movement.


Playing with your baby helps develop a baby’s social, intellectual, language, and problem-solving skills. Our classes promote playtime with your baby.  We have lots of fun toys, musical instruments and ideas.

Treasure Basket

Explore the Treasure Basket in order to stimulate a baby’s five senses, touch, sight, smell, sound and taste.  Moving away from bright plastic toys our basket is full of wonderful natural every day objects and items that fascinate babies. Never leave babies to play with treasure baskets unattended by an adult.

Tummy Time

Helps develop strong head, neck, shoulder and back muscles in preparation for many motor skills such as rolling, sitting and crawling. We have lots of fun Tummy Time stations to help your baby to develop these skills.


Often babies can roll front to back or back to front but not both.  Teeny Tumble Bees can give you lots of ideas of how to teach your baby to roll both ways. Once a baby can roll both ways their sleep often improves as they can get themselves in and out of comfortable positions without crying for help in the middle of the night


Crawl under, over, and through.  We have soft play, tunnels and moving toys to chase.  Plenty of fun things for those now on the move. We also have plenty of ideas to help you to encourage your baby to start crawling and develop the required strength.

Baby Gymnastics

See the world upside down and learn how to do a forward roll, backward roll and balance along our balance beams.

Older, confident babies can tackle the large Pre-School Gymnastics climbing and balancing apparatus without older children waiting behind them.  This prepares them for the move up to our Pre-School Gymnastics classes.

Fun Parachute Play

Enjoy the movement and bright colours of the parachute.  Learn that your carer is still there when you can’t see them as the parachute moves up and down and enjoy the fun songs that play whilst we have lots of fun.

Bubbles and Cuddles

End with a lovely calming song whilst giving your baby plenty of cuddles and enjoy watching the bubbles float down.  See if you can touch and ‘pop’ any. You may find your baby finishes the class tired from the stimulation of the class.  Hopefully they will have a little nap after class and we look forward to you visiting again.